Friday, April 24, 2009

Cut Hair Day @ Beer Cafe

Well well, after a decade since the last time me n pinky n hamster went to haircut together at The Curve..emmm if i am not wrong, i think it's last year, a few days after Valentine we went Peek-a-boo@The Curve..hahaha finally me and Pinky go cut hair together gether again at Peek-a-boo lah....haha...anyway, i'm actually plan to cut something special on that day, but when i reach there, i have lost all my guts and decided to cut normal again...Duh =.=""" ha ha anyway Fish more dare than me...she memang wanna cut that cutie fringe hairstyle and she rely DID IT! OMG..... Nah..these are some of our last picture of us before we look new...HUHU..byebye my lovely hair.....

From this hair really look kinda mess sial..=.=""" i seriuosly need a hairdo!

Pinky hair before the hairdo....tsk tsk tsk


After the haircut, we called SeanSean out makan makan together at dunno what Nyonya food pinky bring me there...=.=" ha ha i rely forgot bout the shop name..aha, but i remember after that where we went..tsk tsk tsk....


Pink said, Bryan said there got a nice shop where there is a special drink called Hoegarden and its BIG...anyway we went there because of that BIG drink but end up, we don even dare to order that, just a 1/2 pint, its enough i guess...=.="" anyway...we experience some other table that ordered a really damn big size pint..haha i have no idea, whether that actually call pint anymore or there is another name for it..=.=" i have no idea but its really BIG..=.= ha ha

This is just wat we ordered!

HAHA our new cute Pink~

SeanSean / Fish/ Me



Coco baru habis pompom.....ha ha nampak kesian kan? ha ha tsk tsk tsk memang kesian pun, baru habis kena torture.....tsk tsk tsk...see kan cantik nie...

Muka Poyo!!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Korean BBQ

Woo Ga Choon Korea BBQ

It is a relaxing and kinda boring Saturday hanging out with Luchien at home without loudao. So, LuChien suddenly decided to search on web looking for a nice Korea BBQ to eat. Well, I think she took almost the whole afternoon searching from google, to korea village around Ampang till she reach a blogger who introducing her mother new opened BBQ restaurant. Seems like this restaurant got a good feedback from some other blogger so we decided to head there to try it out. Luchien summo draw out a map for me, and seriously, I have no idea how to read that map she drew. Lol…..well, luckily she got the GPS software on her phone, and we reach there around 10.30pm. he he

While waiting for the food to come, somebody "chiu jio kahhhh" =.="" mau rosakkan that thing only "gam guan" ha ha ha seriuosly, that thing really end up longgar d....i dunno it memang already rosak leh, or tat fella rosakkan wan...see the below photo........

haha... this photo i rely got that kind of kena force punya face lo..=.="" beh song.....

Well, food serve d...and we are going to finish up all that...i wonder..can we???

Yeah!!! sambil makan, sambil self shot..tsk tsk tsk

Seriuosly, i love this egg...its nice....rely nice :)

See this fella, main masak masak pulak...=.="" i guess she got potential to become housewife d....haha hell i'm not going to be that kind of housewife..hehe


Friday, April 3, 2009

Hell NO! @@ Wedding day/ My Birthday/CNY/DoeVin Bdae/Randoms

I am skipping the entire 4 month wandering around KL and doing nothing for my blog. WTH! Well of coz got full loaded of pictures to upload and a lot of stories to tell. Well well…start with December lah.

My childhood friend (Wendy) at her wedding dinner & Daddy best friend reunion photo. The last time i saw her, as i can remember, i think it was December 2006, that time she just told me that they plan to get married soon and i tot they was just kidding. How is that possible to get married so early? I have no bf at all at that time and i think i am still young enough to get one, and its impossible i'm going to plan my marriage at this age. =.= Now they really got married. OMG...and well i am still single =.=""" i rely got to "fan sing" d..haha...i was like, again, is that possible they can meet the one they love so fast and i ended up still single again? Duh!!!

For family, cheers!

Clubbing nite

Hehe seriously I forget which clubbing I am going on that day d but its 10th Jan 09. Lolzz

CNY 2009 HEHE, angpao lai luuuuu~~~~

After the boring boring ang pau session with the Heng’s family, yo finally we are outta there and have our own family gathering. Phewwww…. Yeah… “Tian Hou Gong temple” that I visit almost 23 years now.

Mommy lai lai, damn long i didn't take a photo with my mom d, "bu siao", she still look great althou she is 59 this year... huhu ieee but i look old and i am 23 shit...i'm banging the wall soon if i'm keep getting old =.="" argkkk i tak mau

Its raining on that nite. Luckily I am with my hip hop jacket. Ha ha….at least I got to cover my head.


Coco finally back to bear bear shape d. he he finally had her fur grown. I will never bring her for full grooming again. Never! See bear bear cuter than Kambing right? mua ha ha ha



Happy Bdae to me……



~Popia & LC~ (Guess they are gossiping about something...)

Makan time..while everyone is enjoying the food, i take quick snapshot of the table, and continue my delicious food, ha ha sorry i forgot to take the picture of my food before i ate them up, he he..maybe next time....:P

The moment of happiness is when you got lots of lots of truthful friends along with you on your birthday. Its actually quite touching cause everyone is there for me. Except one.

Anyway after all that picture, I am actually not yet blowing my candle and the candles ended up nearly burned finish d only I get a chance to blow. Well, end up I still got to pick those hampir burned out candle from the cake..hell and I become like dat =.=””

see, ini lah kekawan aku….duhh >.< I am so lucky that Brian Soong not here sial… if…hard to tell. i dun think i will kena only the mouth part, i wonder maybe my whole face habis kena cake =.="" lol....

Well, ladies in the house. Love you all so much. Muakss

Well well time to show off my birthday present lu…he he

Doe Vin birthday in BP

My birthday present from Doevin =.=” it’s a shit…

Punishment for buying me a shit, …. nahhh act shitting here..mua ha ha ha

My sister birthday present from her friends….

COCO and YOYO happy time

Self shooting while waiting for the bitches to meet me up at the Witchery CafĂ©..guess what,,,they told me to meet up at 3pm, and end up, they met me around 4pm =.= I kena tipu waiting almost 30min plus plus..luckily I am late as well…tats y camwhoring in my car while waiting for em. Haihhzz

Well yumcha time

Clubbing nite again…this one I know where exactly I am going, haha to MOS. Well prepared huh! tsk tsk