Friday, January 30, 2009

Back to where i am

Living alone wasn’t fun at all and being one month stay out of the website world makes my life more miserable. I am lucky enough that finally my streamyx is fixed and at least I am back to MSN/Friendster/Facebook/Blogging world. Ha ha Shit, I just leave my blog like that for the one whole month and I suddenly have no idea how to start it back.
New Year is boring like the pass 23 years but at least I get more ang pao than pass previous year ha ha, and at least enough for me to pay my credit card bills. Lolz…. ( advance spending not bad wat..) tsk tsk tsk emmm recently feel in love with this few songs that you guys can try to listen it out.
1. Now and forever by Richard Marx
2. Love Story by Taylor Swift
3. Tears in heaven by Eric Clapton
4. Nobody knows it but me by Tony Rich Project

With love,