Tuesday, September 30, 2008

31st May @ Sky Bar after move house

Today is moving house day. I gathered all my hengtais n jimuis n even my own sibling....haha for the moving house purpose. after move house for me angel n pinky, we when for KLCC to makan KFC...haha...then head for Sky Bar.

Muka tired after all the workout for moving house..hahaha...

but this 2 look so "untired" hahaha can continue self shot alot of time in my cam.=.= duh...

haha i also dun hv muka tired...muahahha..
reach Sky Bar luuuu~~~

my sister n hamster...lol 2 ster~~~...(Dun ask me how i smuggling my sister in ter...haha its a long story...)

Yeah~ the gangs...:) i love this photo so much...miss them d.....(sei polar, face so big =.=)

KLCC (picture taken by Brian polar)

Me n Lao Gong Gong~~~

The Sisters...

The Group photo...=.="" tak tau y bryan so big size...kesian jeff....hilang half face d..tsk tsk tsk

I dunno y my sis so damn red =.="" lolzzz

23th May @ Steamboat party at my house

Steamboat ing at my B1-9-2 house, with those guys (Brian, Pinky, Cherk, Alex, Angel and my lougong).....me n pinky damn early morning tiok wake up go to the damn busuk pasar pagi buy those stuff here....see~~~

anyway one of those fishball end up actually is busuk already wan.....=.= yucks...i got ter bite that as well....ishhh

Cherk's "Ai Xing" fruits, he take damn long in the kitchen to do this =.=" dunno wat he wan actu...end up also masuk our stomach ....haha

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ieee i just finish watched the Gossip Girl season 1..

Ish..i take damn long time to finish the episode of season 1 man. I really love this dialogs.

B: Omg, what happened? What's wrong?Talk to me.
S: I can't.
B: Of course you can.
S: No. No, B's this is the one thing that i can' tell you. I can't tell anyone.
B: I'm not anyone, i am ME.
S: you can tell me anything
S: No, i can't. Because that will make you a part of it. And you can't be a part of this.
B: What are you talking about. You starting to scare me. Hey, we are sisters. You are my family. What is you, is me. There is nothing that you could ever said to make me let go. I love you. What is it?
S: I killed someone!

ishh can't wait till the next episode finish downloading..can't wait can't wait d...

This is wat the gossip girl said:-

"In our modern age, which you called someone and can't find them, you can pretty much be sure that they were get the message.But if they don't call you back, it usually means they don't wanna be found."

And who am i? thats the secret i never tell. You know you love me. XOXO gossip girl.

Muahaha...i think i abit kisiao with this d..ok enough....gunite everyone muakssss

21st May 2008 @ FE Farewell Dinner

The FE farewell dinner. I forget the restaurant name d, but its at Ampang area. haha Quite a nice place to have party like this.
Well while waiting for the other to reach, take some photo sin.

When we reach ter, the first thing to do, is to sms hubby i reach d...lol..report sin =.=

The food there really look nice and delicious~~~

Some photo with the FE's....

Haha don tak boleh tahan wif us ya.....We love self shot alot blekss :p

19th May 2008 @ Housemates Farewell Dinner

Family farewell after staying together almost 2-3years....i'm gonna miss em........

Ah Hean n Sze Hui

Ah Keay & Lee Wei...(Loving Couple)

My Sei Lou Dao~~~~ (the most hiao guy in the house but till now, still bo lang ai ) == pity him..i am here to promote my this loudao here...who wan plz contact me ya....he rely need a girl. lol

Me n Lougong

Hamster & Sheryl