Friday, October 31, 2008

1st working day

Emmm...things doesn't goes as what i expected it would be. i summo think the whole nite, which lengcai will sit beside me =.= hahaha anyway its all burn coz its just my imagination =.= the first day i stuck in the meeting from 7am till 4pm non stop learning those companies rule, do's n don'ts..bla bla bla....doing fire tour, if get fire, where to run....yada yada....the whole day finish just like dat. haha i dun even get to know who is my manager, wer is my exact department, all n all, what i should work for n about =.=" apa pun tak tahu, sudah siap...begitu balik rumah saje..lolzzz haihhh but anyway, its just a great wonderful start ...hope it will be nice today. haha

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