Saturday, November 22, 2008

My dirtiest day!

Today is my dirtiest day! Well, normally i have to wake up at 8.30am to prepare to work as the working is actually started at 9am and i normally won over slept coz its working day n not a classes time anymore. Last nite, i was drinking too much cough syrup and mayb due to that, i over slept. haha okok i din balme that cough syrup, i have to blame myself too. ok well anyway, today, i woke up at 8.45am..rely seriuosly shit..althou my company is just 1km away, but i still need to bath n brush my teeth wan mah...=.="" due to insufficient time...i was just manage to brush my teeth without the bath and the time shows 8.47am...i rush to wear my cloth n comb my hair, and the time is show 8.52am..i keep curse myself for the whole morning,,keep shit here shit ter, coz i cnot find this i cnot find tat....ok finally i grab all the stuff i need for work n after wearing my socks, i open my door. But the most shit thing happened here, when opening the door, i terpijak Coco Peeeeee (well tats my dog coco)=.="" n the time is show 8.55am....i hv no choice n i did not change my socks at all coz i hv no time to find another new socks n i just wear tat to work =.=""" rely shit shit shit..but nvm suan liao, coz i din bath to work as well...=.="" the most busuk day of my life...haihh i seriously feel like posting this haha coz i rely had a special day n dun worry,,, i do wash my feet when i got home n i wash the sock n the shoe as well....luckily tmr is saturday....haha i can sleep well without worrying i will be late to work...u guys..dun be like me, dun work at the place beside ur house..u will start to get lazy everyday hahahah....ok tats my day...gunite guys...

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