Monday, December 22, 2008

****Christmas***** HOHOHO

Yesterday was a great nite for me. Get my Chritstmas gift from Pink haha terima kasih for the did Bryan bought u anything today? Ha ha your Christmas tree already done. He he showing u the photo here....nice leh...ha ha

Yesterday clubbing was awesome....Autumn really not bad, where they played mix R&B and HipHop makes me feel that I am in the same old clubbing day. Ha ha dancing around playing around like not me at all. Ha ha...I thought that I had changed, but actually I am not. I am still as playful as before. Ha ha clubbing life is still wonderful. Today was all alone again, shopping around midvalley and buying all this stuff to decorate my tree. Haih...sometimes I really feel like my liang xing macam kena makan by some monster like that. I can treat things so simple and even disastrous came; I can just act nothing and move on. Today actually my grandma was admitted to the hospital but I rather go shopping also dun wan go visit her. Shit, I really dunno what I should do. Going there alone is a very awkward situation and I do not want myself to be there. This is the first time I feel that I’m doing something bad to my dad but forget about it, things never turn back. What I should or shouldn’t do, I already did it. Just face it. I am a Bitch! Merry Christmas to all Bitches around the world, CHEERS!!!


Jason Tang said...

hey Abby! I neva know you got a blog! how r u! hope to see you soon! :D


Bryan Hoo said...

wow not bad wor the xmas tree deco.
haha must thanks me leh.. i kena scold by pink no xmas coz this tree! =.=
anyway, i bought her xmas present d la. haha

Abby Heng said...

Ha ha...paiseh bout that...u guys shud separate buying those stuff mah since its insufficient nice leh my tree..thanks to u n pink ya..he he :)