Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Shit things do happen sometimes!

Somebody, try to be and act frustrated to others who know read chinese but dun even dare to talk to me on my face when she get scold for wat she shud do n din do. What the hell i care? and its like i cared. FUCK OFF!.... There is ALWAYS ALWAYS a reason, "Oh i busy lah", " u can't see i got lots of report here", "Tomor lah", "Later lah"..bla bla n later one, somebody just willing to help around n tats y she act like dat. Yala she nobody understand how HARD is an assignment ..nobody know an assignment cnot take even 1 minute to do something tat u shud. The rubbish is like hell in the kitchen but sum ppl can just pass by n saw nothing. Y others do well, oni u r the one blaming? and u r the only one that din do ANYTHING! and still dare to blame on BLOG, oh i dun understand, u r Enough of ME. well WHO is enuf of WHO!? Think again before u speak. OH no time, but got time in blogging also no time do housework. wer is that hand than? oh bz typing report, is wat SHE said. but what she said n wat she did is totally out of tat. WHAT never know? ya ...Who will know bout others when she only think n see of herself? Oh my hand pain, but others hands r bleeding but she is complaining bout her own pain. Oh my leg pain, but others already going to be handicap. Oh my heart broken, but others already die heart, Always is about HER n HERSELF, and others look like shit to her, look like nothing, just INVISIBLE...well well...yala, the good one is her lah, the bad one is me, so wat, at least she her stuff, but end up wat, promise me will throw then, plz say again, out loud, who did it?who is the one who rely did it? common tell ppl la. I need to understand u for wat. i just asking u for a distance to throw out that rubbish and i didn;t ask u to walk 10 miles. summo, yala u bz, but like u ever throw tat rubbish, ever did some contribution to the family like dat. some ppl just dun treat u as family but the way they wan ppl to understand them, wow like shit. just Some ppl.


Bryan Hoo said...

wah wah wah
you housemate ah??

Anonymous said...

hey its me again, same la, pop out to show u another song. hmm,seems like u need a hot tempered song to scold some ppl right? ok! i got 1 just nice and u might finding it suit the situation.
artis- david tao
song name - 王八蛋
from - taiwan
year - around 1998
youtube sure have!
hope u like it