Sunday, April 12, 2009

Korean BBQ

Woo Ga Choon Korea BBQ

It is a relaxing and kinda boring Saturday hanging out with Luchien at home without loudao. So, LuChien suddenly decided to search on web looking for a nice Korea BBQ to eat. Well, I think she took almost the whole afternoon searching from google, to korea village around Ampang till she reach a blogger who introducing her mother new opened BBQ restaurant. Seems like this restaurant got a good feedback from some other blogger so we decided to head there to try it out. Luchien summo draw out a map for me, and seriously, I have no idea how to read that map she drew. Lol…..well, luckily she got the GPS software on her phone, and we reach there around 10.30pm. he he

While waiting for the food to come, somebody "chiu jio kahhhh" =.="" mau rosakkan that thing only "gam guan" ha ha ha seriuosly, that thing really end up longgar d....i dunno it memang already rosak leh, or tat fella rosakkan wan...see the below photo........

haha... this photo i rely got that kind of kena force punya face lo..=.="" beh song.....

Well, food serve d...and we are going to finish up all that...i wonder..can we???

Yeah!!! sambil makan, sambil self shot..tsk tsk tsk

Seriuosly, i love this egg...its nice....rely nice :)

See this fella, main masak masak pulak...=.="" i guess she got potential to become housewife d....haha hell i'm not going to be that kind of housewife..hehe


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