Thursday, September 25, 2008

8th March 2008 @ Cyberlodge

Cyberlodge @ my cousin wedding dinner.

Before we enter, there is a cocktail session outside near the pool, taking some picture first.... haha

Hamster eat butterfly =.="""" eeeee

Yeah! Cheers ~~~

Haihhh i dunno how many space of my camera fill with this hamster selfshot photo d....=.="" terpaksa put some out to show u guys how much she love to selfshot herself..see .... DUH..!!!!

I also wan some selfshot...muahaha
(even my own selfshot photo also not tat much compare to someone)

see me holding the chopstick guess u will know wat actu happen here. that hamster, keep self-shot herself, then shot till sien about her own face d, kacau me to take wif her. makan also bo eng ah...~~~

some "ai mei" keksei our hubby...hahaha

Me & Hamter & Fish

Haha..sometimes i do "keksei" them too...
Miss Red redding hood...lari to cyber?? ha ha

Some posing picture!!!

OH NO~~~~get caught....偷情?haha (*clifford & ky don't smack us) muahaha

Kicking pose....haha seriously, this photo...we NG damn lots of time only can get the best shot....
wanna see the NG part? haha

SEE...not easy get the best ha ha ha ( i guess pink n angel going to kill me for posting tis) lolzzzz

Nice Pose....haha ^(*.*)^

Just some posing photo.....i rely love this photo so much...haha =>

Ada matahari ker?? ha ha sidai ikan kering n tikus kering?? haha

That hamster seriously plan to swim like tat?? haha

The Shadow~~~


Anonymous said...

find one day ar...i show abby laptop to u guys,inside many her self shooting pic oso,lolz...still wanna complain me,kkeekeke..

abby,u won.U're the last one among us who use blogspot but u upload the most number of picture in blogspot,geng!!!!!

A simple event u can add in so many effect oso,hahaha..Recall bk tat day when reading ur blog...really dunno what we thinking about de, pic tk till de bartender in his shop oso beh tahan come out and help us snap picture..FUNNY LAR WEI,the bartender see us keep set the camera and run to the stair there 2 tk 3 person pic,he oso beh tahan liao..haha..

Abby Heng said...

ish where got more than u...i dun sure got many selfshot picture than me wei...haha...ehh ur genting trip..damn loving la wei...ishhh so lang man...sobsob i also wan....=(

Anonymous said...

hahaha...lang man ar,quite lar.But Cliff keep cheated by me to try dis try tat,until he oso faint and scare d..but till now he still keep cheating by me lar...many funny story.

and hor,lang man=lots of money oso.Genting is all about money,i think i want to sing the song in "mamamia" d,money money money,it's all about money...