Tuesday, September 23, 2008


3RD February

Just a normal yumcha day with the 3 jimuis'. Haha "Bu Yao Huai Yi" the Male will become our Jimui when he is with us. Nothing to do with those gay gay thing. He is NOT. haha =>

6-8th Feb2008 Mom n Dad come KL 2008 CNY

My stupid younger brother, =____=" sipek beh tahan with that face....lol...

Pretty little sister....~~~

The most scariest face you ever seen, my DAD!!!
Every year we'll be at "Tien Hou Gong" praying and my mom will be the yearly fortune reader who read all the chinese word for us....nobody in the house could read tat....=.=""

This is where we lepaking after the eve of the Chinese New Year celebration with the "Heng's " family.

Shopping Day with my family at the Pavillion... "Pull & Bear" playing around with those hat..lolzz tsk tsk tsk

14th Febraury

Well, its Valentine's and i have to celebrate my valentine with this guys...lol two year continous got to celebrate with them d lah..duhhhh ha ha luckily i found one for next year...tsk tsk tsk...
its funny to celebrate valentine's with just eating crabs..but its nice..i love the cheese crab..yum~~

15Feb2008 @ Jeff Birthday TGI

Celebrating birthday with birthday boy "Ah Jeff"....23rd birthday.....
Tgi Friday & Poppy Garden

17Feb2008 @ Acit & Yati Tunang

My secondary school classmate finally get engaged....Yati & Rashid...hope they happily ever after...the black shirt guy is my best best buddy we used to call each other "suami isteri" in those days...lol omg 6 years ago man.... *ps: ky dun jealous ya...muahaha

18th Feb @ Cut Hair Day with PINKY n HAMSTER

Pink finally decided to cut short her hair... (in process...)

Tiba-tiba datang satu pengacau,,,sei hamster destroy my loving hair....ha ha...



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Bryan Hoo said...

haha finally u got blogspot huh!
faster blog about the ice bar, ur bf birthday and u can blog bout the kajang satey as well de ^^

Abby Heng said...

lol okok sabar lah..baru reach FEB.....my hubby is SEP leh...gif me sometime lehhh haha

Anonymous said...

how come u got so many funky weird pic of us de?kanasai...