Thursday, September 25, 2008

17March2008 @ My birthday & the birthday eve

Birthday EVE~~~

We spent the eve nite in club of coz...its my birthday! i rely forget where r we going d...the 4 single man, not yet taken at that time...haha but now...2 already been taken...tinggal dua lagi...lelong lelong..siapa nak..plz leave me a msg..i will help u intro to them..muahaha

So... after the club, guess wer r we lepaking? haha still got energy continue with the drunk drunk thing... we will spent our nite at cherk's house n play this silly, funny game....haha.....its a crazy nite man....its a crazy nite but its fun...we all end up sleeping on the floor after the game. I am drunk that nite....but i remember until damn drunk also i won forget that i still continue gaduh with sei polar bear. haha oh ya...i remember that nite, angel take good care of she not drunk that nite...nan de sial....the 2nd time she take care of me after the genting trip last year Oct..haha

Me & Jeff Nanren......Angel & Ah Teng

Yeah the nite finally birthday cake...=.="" i dunno how come secret recipe cake got babi on top wan....(decorated by Bryan Hoo =.=) thanks to tat creativity...aduiiii....its a crabby birthday nite.

emm..after that, we went up to the Look Out Point, its a place where we can have a nice view of the KL city. But Jeff n Angel not with us. at first i rely dunno y jeff din folllow...end up i oni know tat because of me....he makan those crab till bengkak here n ter sial...sobsob...=.="" i dun even time not dare ask u guys eat seafood n Angel need to say wear till so pretty at the previous photo....go find who...guess everyone know...haha...


Anonymous said...

oh oh oh my god..i dun have those set of pic which taken in cherk house ler...when i tk those pic de?lolz...muahahaha,i oso feel nan de tat day i dint drunk at cherk house tim.lolz.Tat nite Jeff even hide under bed read comic and hide in toilet oso de ar?Hmmm,izzit the next morning me and u still went for shao rou fan at sk ya?and i still saying tat our b1-9-2 floor is dirty,cannot lie on it?haha..

Abby Heng said...

ehhh i forget about the shao rou fan scene...but i do remember that jeff hide under the bed n toilet from cherk....haha