Wednesday, September 24, 2008

20th February, 2008 @ Similan Island,Phuket

This is my first diving trip after i got my license from Redang Island last year.

Day 1

The first day nth much to do. Just fly from KL to Phuket (1 hour) then from phuket to the jetty (2hours)..when we reach the jetty, we move all our belongings into the board. This my room with Lean Hoon, and the first nite Moon.

Day 2

1st Dive @ Day 2

Morning 1st Dive (MAE YAI) @ warm up dive. Nothing much to see. Just a refreshment and warm up dive.
Found Anemonefish, and Lionfish....

There is a small shrimp on the rock, you got to see carefully, u will find it. emm i dunno what that weird shell is,,haha the last picture for the morning scene, its the sea fan.... Ang-Moh is flying over it...lolzzz =>

2nd Dive @ Day 2

The site i am going to dive now, called Richelieu Rock.

Sea-Horse @ Yellow, shrimps and a group of unknown fishes swim pass me.....=.=""

Stone Fish on the rock, look carefully u will find it... the most poisonous fish in the sea. And a school of amazing....1st time see them. Jakun i know...but memang never see before mah...ishhh..~~~ =.=""

Omg this is not a good picture for the kids, haha, parent plz explain what is happening. witht he sotong lolzzz
The mating sotong =___="" "nande" sial... its just luck!

Moray-eel.... a small size compare to the others.

3rd Dive @ Day 2

The place we dive @ Tachai Reef

The starfish is eaten by somekind of shrimp or parasite, i dun hv much idea about that, but that was a big star fish...and met with 3 kind of puffer fish...the yellow puffer look nice....for me...haha

End of the day after 3 diving is some nite time lepaking pictures...the moon photo is taken by Mr. Gun, which is the one who is wearing the blue colour shorts.

Day 3

1st dive @ Day 3

The island that we are going to dive the early morning...

Crabby crabby in the sand, do you see it? and the fan...

Just the nurdibran and the white coral, it looks like human brain lah...ishhh

The trumpet and the parrotfish i guess...=.= not quite sure bout that.. =___+""

2nd Dive @ Day 3

Dive site @ Deep Six

Caught 2 nurdi, the right side wan, ppl called it "Picachu" haha its cute ^(*.*)^ see the finger? the size is smaller than the finger man....i wonder how they find that..=.= duh...i have to gambateh d....

My fav christmas it love it!!!

Targeted a parrotfish..the other two i hv no idea apa tu.

The biggest fish i ever shot...The Titan-Trigger fish......almost 4 feet long....damn when i take the shot, i dun even what kind fish it was...until i show to them...only they tell me its titan...In Redang, when you see this fish, u dun even manage to take the photo, the fish already attacking without reason. dangerous fish,,,, but they said luckily in simalan, the trigger fish still tame. luckily i din kena attack ish (touch wood touch wood)

3rd Dive @ Day 3

Dive site @ Elephant Rock

The elephant its rely full of rock ....not much coral like those previous dive, quite amazing dive site....and this site is full of moray eel...ieeee...i actu dun like to see them...scary weiii =___=

This Frogfish i didn't get the luck to see this one, its taken from my fren Lean Hoon. nice leh...i never see before...haihhh why go same place, but didn't get to see the same thing..ishhh...

This is the Big Eel....and the big sotong..=.=.....

4th Dive @ Day 3

Found the porcupine fish and yeah the doraemon tank...dun confuse...he is the one who own it...haihh 30 something liao lah..still so cute..beh tahan...

The Last dive for the trip of day 4..still no Manta sign...duh...the boss is going to fed up with the luck d....

Getting ready to jump.....

A very rare nurdi, like that also they can find it out....rely "pei fu"..haihh those tiny tiny thing no need ask me find la,,i never found one nurdi in this trip at all....what i found is those big big thing...=.=""

Kissing fish...lolzzzzz its embarasing...=.= ha ha

When you dive till damn bored n nth else to discover d, this is what you in the sea =.=""" ha ha
Fiuuuu~~~ i finally finish with my post about the phuket things..shit damn long sial..write till also dunno wat to write d. guess if you guys dun love fish.,,,better no need read lah..haha this is for myself wan..haha.....thanks for the patients if you take your time to read all


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OMG OMG: said...

oho, you must got many many things in this diving experience...

Abby Heng said...

ehhh not rely that is my 2nd trip to dive.....dun know much about those fishy fishy thing =.=""" still got lots to learn....

Chew Hean Ginn said...

wtf with the doremon .. XD

Abby Heng said...

Lolz i also duno y...hahaha =___=

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when oni wanna go island have fun together de jek?wait till neck oso long liao lar.