Tuesday, September 23, 2008


5th Jan The Scarlet

Clubbing @ The Scarlet, that's the first and the last time we've been there. Other than us, there is nothing much fun. I was wearing the new cloth that i bought from MNG....ha ha Omg Fish Pink still with her long hair...lolz....

17th Jan going club with cherk in car

This picture i memang forget where we are going d....but confirm we are on the way to club, ha ha ha those nonstop clubbing day....i still miss those days.

26th Jan Ipoh kaikai

Our Ipoh Trip, hehe look at the dimsum, its bravo... I miss the TauFuFah d lah...ishh....I miss the trip d...but antu ter nth much to play la..ha ha h just cave cave n pond pond its thats all we see lolzzz Fish fault..ha ha

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