Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Its still those boring day~~~

What is the first 3 things you do when u wake up in the pass 15 years? ha ha For me, its simple...
1. wake up, get ready.
2. makan sarapan
3. go to school

haihhh this is wat i am doing for the pass 15 years...when can i graduate leh...haihhh this morning try to call my Lecturer....he still tak mahu angkat telepon...ishhh...sobsob feel like crying d...haihhh seriusly have to listen to wat pink said..terus go till his room and tell him what happen d. if not i still delay, i guess i won have a 2nd chance. ha ha
its a same old boring day man....

Life never been easy,...as far as i concern, there is always a hard time for us. And when you in there, its hard for you to search even a dim of light. Haih ter is a lot here to say but i just can't find a proper words here to write. All n all, i have to find the way out of my own. hope that i can find the light soon. => Cheers to myself.

Day time its always the hardest and boring time to pass thru. Class-time, alone-time, studying-time,without-hubby time, even bad-time.Haha...i used to be alone but not lonely, but life seems different now when your path is different with the others. When those days, we used to walk the same path together, u are n alwiz feels surrounded by everyone. Even when you are alone, you won feel lonely at all. But when youdeceided to walk the separate path with the others, life change and doesn't seems to be great and happy anymore. Instread, it becomes dull & grey. Its torturing day....argkkkkk

Yeah~~~ Yahoo.....i rely get that second change...i love you, mummy....ha ha ha..happy sial....i found the light..haha life not tat bad after all..lolzzz

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